Bacon Bites (for the Dogs)

I wanted to make all the pets in my family Christmas gifts this year. I decided on these Bacon Bites for the dogs. (All 9 of them as it turns out - we really like dogs in our family :)

These were pretty easy to make. I tripled the recipe because of the amount of dogs they are for. Word of warning however - while I love bacon and the smell of bacon - these can get overpowering really quick.

Unfortunately it was way too cold to open any doors or windows and vent the house while I made these. So just keep it in mind.

3 c whole wheat flour
1/2 c milk
One egg
1/4 c bacon grease or vegetable oil (I used a little of both)
1 t garlic powder
4-6 crumbled slices bacon
1/2 c cold water

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly.
Roll out on a floured surfaced to 1/4-1/2" thick. Cut into desired shapes. I wanted a consistent size and shape, so I used the only cookie cutter I have. But they were a little bigger than I wanted, so I then cut them all in half. So all of the treats are half a heart.

Cook at 350 for 35-40 minutes.

Please, Mommy, please don't make me wait until Christmas! They smell so good now!

Okay - I'm so easy when it comes to my dogs. They did each get a piece of one, and they loved it! I hope all the rest like them as much :)



Wow - 9 dogs! They sure are lucky to have these tasty treats to munch on :)


Oh I will have to make these for my boys!! They sound great and I'll bet they will love them! And, I tagged you in my blog!!!

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