I'm coming back...

We are still dealing with some issues regarding Mia's health.  Still waiting on some test results to see where we need to go from here, if there is anything we can do.  But we need to get back into a routine.

For the last 3 weeks our lives have really revolved around Mia - taking her to and from the vet, giving her pills, coaxing her to eat.  While we'll still pay very close attention to her, and do anything we need to do to make her okay, we need to regain our lives a bit.

One way to do that is to get back into a cooking routine.  It's been driving me crazy to come home and stare into the refrigerator and freezer every night, taking 20-30 minutes just to figure out something to make that takes about 15 minutes to cook.  So - on Sunday, look for my weekly meal plan!

I'm excited about next week's meals. :)  I have a nice variety of sausage, chicken, and meatless.  Lots of different flavor varieties, and one meal that's going to push us just a bit out of our comfort zone.  Stay tuned!  And I hope I didn't lose anyone during the hiatus!



I hope Mia will be ok! Good luck getting back into the swing of things, hopefully that will make everything easier on you. :)

Jessica {The Novice Chef}

You didn't lose anyone! We are just waiting for you to come back :-)

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