Almost There...

To 30, I mean.  Yep, yesterday I turned the big 2-9!

My husband made me an incredible dinner of Seared Tuna with Japanese Salsa, Broccoli in Mustard Vinaigrette and Rice with Cheese Sauce.  He also brought home some sushi as an appetizer.  :)

Recipes to come! J typical cooking repertoire consists of pasta with jarred sauce and bacon and eggs, so I was very impressed that he took this on for me. He did a wonderful job!

He also bought me these gorgeous roses, snagged some tickets to an upcoming Penguins game, and bought me a Chef's mat!  He did good! :)

In light of the fact that it's my final year in my 20s, I created a 30 Things to do Before 30 list.  I'm sure you've seen this, or something similar, in other blogs.  I really liked the idea, so I decided to do my own.

My list includes things like:
  • Make baklava;
  • Create an original recipe;
  • Pay off my credit card;
  • Take things in stride and stress/worry less;
  • And learn to knit/crochet.  

If you'd like to see my whole list, check it out at my other blog, Train to Nowhere.  I'll be posting monthly updates over there to keep everyone updated on my progress.


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