Italian Pinwheels

From Amber's Delectable Delights.These were a huge hit at our Christmas with J's family. They were gone in a snap.

And I loved how easy they were to make. I put them together on Friday night, so that Saturday I just had to cut and cook.

I didn't exactly measure. I don't think these are something that measurements are really necessary.

2 cans Pillsbury Recipe Creations
Shredded mozzarella
Parmesan - I used grated
Italian Seasoning
Pepperoni slices
2 egg whites, beaten

If cooking that night - preheat oven to 350.

Remove the dough from the can, and roll out slightly to try to even it out.

Sprinkle dough with mozzarella and parmesan and desired amount of Italian seasoning. Then add in your desired amount of pepperoni. I put down 2 rows and I think it turned out to be a good amount.
Roll dough starting into a large cylinder, pinching edges to seal. (At this point I wrapped them both in plastic wrap, and placed in the refrigerator overnight.)
Cut into about 12 slices and place about 1 inch apart on a greased cookie sheet, cut side down. Brush the tops with the egg white. Place in the oven and cook for about 18-20 minutes or until golden brown.
If desired, serve with warmed marinara sauce.



So elegant yet easy - I love it!


Another great, classic recipe!

Leslie Craven

I will definetly be making these!

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