Happy New Year!

Okay - I know I'm about 6 days late. But my home computer wasn't cooperating with me. :( I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that 2009 is off to a great start!

I have tons of updates to add to my blog; hopefully I'll get them all up by tomorrow.

But, to give you a sneak peek, here are a few of my favorite updates to come: Braised Red Cabbage, Sushi, Warm Crab Dip and Bean & Ham Soup with Dumplings.

Stop back soon to check them out, and more!

2009 Resolutions:

This year, I'm hoping to get our weekly meal planning into a nice system. I'd also like to attempt to do 2 week meal plans, instead of just one, to cut our grocery shopping trips in half.

I'm hoping to start finding more health conscious recipes to try. Unfortunately both J and I have a great love of pasta, carbs, and not so good for you casseroles, and, so far, married life doesn't agree with our waist-lines. :)

Finally - financially I'd like to get us better budgeted in everything, but, for the purpose of this blog, especially with regards to groceries. I'd like to cut our monthly grocery spending by about 25%. We don't to horribly now, so this could be a challenge, but one I'm up for.

What are your cooking related resolutions?


Kristina R.

Good luck on your resolutions. I am hoping to do better with meal planning (to low fat/more healthy) and grocery costs as well. But, I LOVE carbs and cheese so this will be a battle.


Same - healthier meals, cheaper. Also, I've never planned meals out, I usually just decide in the late afternoon and then pick stuff up on my way home. This is the first week I'm starting with a plan on Sunday night. We'll see if it lasts!

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