Steak Salad

Well this isn't really a recipe - but I just thought it turned out so pretty. :p Colorful and yummy looking. :)

I made this for J and I last night. I seasoned the steak with Montreal Steak Seasoning and broiled it for about 5 minutes per side. It was slightly overdone, steak is not one of my strengths. :( But still pretty good!

The salad had spring mix greens, tomato, mushrooms (mini portobello and button), carrots, sliced almonds and freshly shredded Parmesan. I mixed a bit of Garlic Red Wine Vinegar, EVOO, and pepper for the dressing. And I had some toasted french bread with this really good Herb Spread on top.



This salad looks awesome! Your right, it's SO pretty and I'll bet it tastes really great too!


This salad looks awesome and a perfect meal in itself!


This looks gorgeous AND delicious!


Steak is not one of my strengths either, but it looks like you did a great job! Practice does make perfect though, and eating your "practices" is always fun :)

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