Mom's B-Day Dinner

My sister and I made a really yummy, healthy dinner for my mom for her birthday. :)

Mmmmm.. doesn't it look great? :)

We made:
Spiced Cilantro Shrimp - we also made some chicken for my mom's bf and my BIL who aren't really into seafood. I marinated this for a longer than I did last time - about 2 hours. I would definitely do this again - the flavors were great!

Vegetable Summer Rolls - this was the only thing that was at all time-consuming. We only made 10 rolls, but it takes awhile to stuff and get them rolled up. The sauce is pretty spicy, so be warmed before you put tons of it into the rolls!

Warm Orzo Salad w/ Mint & Feta - this was delicious and so easy. A great addition to the meal.

For dessert we made this Grilled Angel Food Cake w/ Strawberry Sauce - it was supposed to have rhubarb, but we couldn't find it anywhere. If you do use strawberries, make sure to cut back on the sugar!



Great meal! Those spring rolls look delicious - but I don't think I have the patience to make them!

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