Corn on the Cob w/ Cilantro-Lime Butter

My mom gave J and I this delicious sweet corn on the cob the other day. I decided to make it to go with the crab and avocado salad for dinner last night.

I wanted to grill it, but it was pouring down rain so I had to boil it instead.
I seasoned the water with some crushed garlic, salt and pepper. While the corn boiled I made up some butter with flavors that meshed well with the salad.

I have a little mini (maybe 1 cup) food processor that someone gave me that I used to mix the butter.

I threw in 4 T of butter, about 1 T cilantro, 1-2 t lime juice and salt and pepper and processed until it was mixed well. Just let it sit out since it's easier to put on the corn if it's softer. And allow the flavors to mesh while the corn cooks.

Use a rubber spatula to spread it on the corn, I found it to be easier than a butter knife.



I love these flavors on corn - I also top it with a bit of cotija cheese. It looks wonderful.


I love love corn on the cob, I will have to make this to go on top of it next time we make it.

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