Blogging Slacker and a New Addition :)

I know, I know.  I've been such a blogging slacker lately.  I don't have a good reason - I just haven't been able to summon up the energy to blog in the last week or so.

But I'm back at it today!  I have quite a few updates, including, (finally!!) a recipe for the Ingredient of the Month. :)

But, before I get into those I just have to show you all our adorable new kitten!! :)

Look at her - isn't she adorable? :)  We decided to name her Rella, and she about 4 months and 3 lbs.

We let her out of her 'room' for good last night.  I was up half the night worrying about her - especially that J or I might roll over onto her in our sleep - she's a cuddler!

In addition to Rella we also have a Rottweiler (Calypso), Lab (Mia) and another 4 year old cat (Brutus)... it's a full house.  They are actually getting along quite well. The dogs typically ignore her and every once in a while decide to give chase - but she's quick, they'll never catch her!!  And she and Brutus love to play - they weren't so sure about each other at first, but they're friends now for sure!

Okay - now back to regularly scheduled programming.  :)  New post to appear soon!



cute kitten! Glad that everyone is getting along now. : )

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