You may have noticed that I've been MIA for about a week.  That's because we were on vacation!  We took a week to go to Topsail Beach, NC with some of my family. 

It was a gorgeous week.  We only had one afternoon of rain, the rest was hot and sunny. :)  We ate some delicious fresh fish - tuna steaks, crab cakes (caught and made by my aunt and uncle), clams casino (caught with our very own hands, and made by my aunt - sooooo delicious!!), shrimp scampi with fresh crab, scallops.  We ate well! :)

In addition to the week at the beach, J and I went to Richmond International Raceway and did a Ride-Along!  A Ride-Long is 3 laps around the track in a Nascar Sprint Cup car.  They said we got up to about 130 mph on this 3/4 mile track.  It was so much fun!  We were ready to go again for another 3 laps. :)

I was definitely not ready to come home.  And I can't wait to be laying on the beach again next year. :)

Now that I'm back home, I will hopefully have some food-related posts for you soon. :)


the Provident Woman

I wish I was able to go to a beach this summer. Looks like it was fun!

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