Must Have Been Something I Ate

Thank you to Brandi from Bran Appetit for giving away this book, Must Have Been Something I Ate

So far, I've only read about a chapter and skimmed through the rest, but I'm definitely intrigued!  Have you ever wondered what foods boost your metabolism, help you sleep, keep you energized, or even boost your sex drive?  Peggy talks about all of these topics and more in her book.

It's an easy, light read, entertaining and informative.  And there is an index of recipes in the back to show how you can put her tips to good use.

Once I've read through the book, and tried a recipe, I'll post some more information about some of the interesting facts she reveals, as well as the recipe that I try.  So far, I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone out there who is interested in how to use food to make your body work for you.


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