Frozen Chocolate Coffee Smoothie

Thank you to the Tastemakers Foodbuzz program with Godiva coffee for allowing me to sample two different types of Godiva coffee - Chocolate Truffle and Hazelnut Creme.

Godiva and Tastemakers asked me to come up with an iced coffee drink recipe.  I love coffee, though I only drink it every so often.  However, I can't drink a cup of hot coffee on a hot summer's day, so this was perfect for me. :)

The first thing of thought of when I saw the Chocolate Truffle flavor was 'strawberries'.  Who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries?  The recipe I came up with is very simple and refreshing.  It has the delicious flavor of the coffee with the underlying tastes of strawberries and bananas.  I think it's a perfect hot morning pick-me-up!

Instead of using the coffee in liquid form, I decided to freeze it in ice cube trays.  This way, I wasn't watering down the flavors with ice.  Use as much or as little sugar as you'd like.  I tried it without the sugar addition, but I thought it needed just a bit of sweetness - the strawberries and banana didn't add quite enough.  I hope you enjoy!  After I enjoyed this drink, I thought that it might be a good addition to add just a bit of vanilla yogurt, to smooth it out. :)

For more iced coffee recipes, check out http://www.godivacoffee.com/.

6 cubes iced Godiva Chocolate Truffle coffee
4 frozen strawberries
1/2 frozen banana
1 c milk
1-1 1/2 t sugar

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.

Makes 2 servings.


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