I Love Risotto!

It is definitely my new favorite side dish. :) It's great because you can really add anything to it and it tastes great!

In the last week I've done asparagus and broccoli risotto.
The base was the same as this Parmesan Risotto. About halfway through cooking I seasoned it with some pepper, and, in the case of the asparagus risotto, some dried thyme. With the broccoli risotto I added in some fresh oregano at the very end.

I just added the veggies in with about 3-5 minutes left of cooking time. I like them to still have some crunch to them, so this worked well without having to dirty another dish to steam them.

These were both so creamy and flavorful. Now that I have the basic steps down pat, I want to start experimenting - maybe with other cheeses, different proteins and veggies.

When I first tried to make risotto, I was definitely intimidated by it. It always seemed like it can be so easy to mess up! But now that I've done it a few time, I've realized that it's actually extremely simple to make. Once you have the base conquered, everything else is a piece of cake!



Isn't risotto great!!! The next combo I want to try is Shrimp and Mango. What do you think?


That looks like a decadent plate of risotto!


Risotto is one of my faves too - this looks great!

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