I'm a winner!

Thanks to The Foodie Blogroll for hosting this giveaway for Featured Publishers. I won a free copy of Food4Wealth. :)

This is a step by step ebook with videos for planting an easy to grow, organic garden year after year.  J and I already planted our garden this year, but I definitely plan to use these tips for next year.

According to this book, you can grow more vegetables in a smaller space.  This book includes an easy to understand step-by-step project plan that tells you how often and how long each step will take.  It includes using compost, watering, weeding, fertilizing and more.

Below is an excerpt from the Forward.
"Imagine a garden so full of plants that is doesn't look like anything you've seen before. It's far too beautiful to be a vegetable garden because every possible spare space is filled with lush, healthy foliage... but everything in it is edible.
When a plant is removed for eating, the small empty space that it left in its place is quickly covered with compost. The owner of this garden is so proud and so protective of the precious soil underneath they can hardly bare to see it exposed for even a day. The person understands the Food4Wealth method and they treat their soil like it is the jewel of the garden. They know that this soil will provide life-giving nutrients for their whole family for years to come."
 I'll try to remember to update you next year on how this process works for me!


Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

Congrats on your win! Hope you enjoy!

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