V-Day Dinner

Well - we don't actually celebrate Valentine's Day, so J and I got together with my sister, brother-in-law and our friend Rita, and used the day as an excuse to cook some really great food, that we may not normally buy.

This meal was amazing! I was looking forward to it all week, and it definitely lived up to expectations. :) We had a great time - cooking, drinking yummy fruity champagne drinks, and playing some cards later in the evening.

Here's what was on the menu:

Fruity Champagne & Brandy cocktails - my sister made these in a big pitcher - she muddled up some fruit, poured in the champagne and a few shots of brandy. So good!
Shrimp Cocktail - made with beer and Old Bay

Strip Steaks with Chive Butter and Brandy

Grilled Lobster Tail
Garlic Roasted Cauliflower
Cashew Rice Pilaf

Individual Peach Cobblers


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